CIA hacking claims: 'This is the Russians giving America a taste of its own medicine'

There is 'plausible deniability' in Russian election hack allegations, says professor

Donald Trump has rejected hacking claims

Monday, December 12, 2016

A leading professor has suggested that Russia was indeed involved in hacking during the US election, and said the hacks were intended to give Americans "a taste of their own medicine and a stark warning."

The CIA has claimed that Russia interfered in the presidential election to give Donald Trump a boost in the race for the White House. An assessment undertaken by the organisation found that Russian operatives leaked key emails to Wikileaks to attempt to secure his victory.

President-elect Donald Trump has rejected the claims, suggesting the Democrats were publishing the reports out of embarrassment at their election defeat.

Dr. Simon Radford, an academic from University of Southern California said that while the Russians had some "plausible deniability," the country's use of proxy agencies would allow them to do something like this.

Listen to him above.