CIA Russian hacking claims 'seem like politics, not facts' says professor

Russian election hacking: 'CIA need to publish a full open report', says professor

CIA headquarters

Friday, December 16, 2016

A leading professor in international politics has called on the CIA to lay their case on the alleged Russian election hacking out for scrutiny. 

Dr. Inderjeet Parmar also said the allegations were "more politics than facts" and said it was time to see some evidence.

Earlier this week, the CIA claimed that Russian-affliated hackers had stolen information from the Democrats to send onto Wikileaks in order to boost Donald Trump's chances of winning. 

Vladimir Putin has been accused of personally overseeing the hacking campaign, reportedly acting out of a "vendetta" against Hillary Clinton

Dr. Inderjeet Parmar, a professor of International Politics at City University London, insisted the organisation needed to publish its evidence.

“I have the feeling this is more politics than facts," he told James Max. "But this is a very serious allegation, it could cause a great rupture in world relationships. 

"Until now, they have refused to do so, but the CIA need to come out with a full open report open to scrutiny."