Clamping down on disposable coffee cups could lead to better housing and transport, says Natalie Bennett

'Reducing the use of disposable coffee cups could lead to better housing and transport', says Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett believes we should charge more for disposable cups

Friday, March 31, 2017

Reducing disposable coffee cup use could eventually bring better housing and transport systems, says the former leader of the Green Party.

A new study by Cardiff University has shown charging customers extra for disposable coffee cups could slash the number thrown out by up to 300 million every year.

Natalie Bennett told Sam Delaney that if we take small environmental steps in the right direction, it will "will take us where we need to go, and that means things like warm comfortable house for people, good and affordable reliable public transport."

Whilst she admits reducing coffee cup use is "not going to save the planet" it will mean people "think about their use." Although some costs may go up, it would yield savings in "litter clean up costs" as the plastic bag tax has done.

She added that we could reduce the basic price of coffee so "you just pay more if you haven’t bought your own cup" or spend more time sitting down "with a nice china mug in a coffee shop."

Environmental writer Keith Farnish also weighed in, saying that whilst the idea is good, it's just "symbolic and doesn’t change a damn thing" because it is too small and "inconveniences" people.

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