Climate activists 'ought to be protesting outside Chinese embassy'

Monday, October 7, 2019

Planned protests by climate change activists across the UK today are "counterproductive", according to one Tory MP.

Andrew Bridgen said Extinction Rebellion's plan to shut down London - and another 59 cities worldwide - would cause more harm than good.

"The hypocrisy is by disrupting the roads they create more congestion and more pollution - exactly what they're meant to be fighting against," he told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer.

The series of protests, which they have dubbed the 'International Rebellion', are set to last two weeks.

It follows a protest outside the government's Treasury building on Thursday last week, in which climate activists used a fire engine to spray it with 1,800 litres of fake blood.

Protesters said they wanted to highlight "the inconsistency" between the government pledging to tackle climate change, whilst funding "fossil exploration and carbon-intensive projects".

However, Mr Bridgen said he believed the UK was "leading the way on decarbonisation".

"The figures I saw, we were the best in the G7. Some sort of 40 per cent reduction in our carbon emissions since 1992. Better than anybody else," he said.

"Really, they ought to be protesting outside the Chinese embassy. They're opening a new coal-powered power station every week or two."

He added: "It's ok to protest, but you're not allowed to obstruct the highway or break the law, and I would like to see the police use the full force of the law against these protesters if they overstep the mark."

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