Climate change activists to ‘voluntarily end’ London protests

Climate change activists to ‘voluntarily end’ London protests

Extinction Rebellion protesters in Parliament Square in Westminster, London.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Climate change activists will end their demonstrations in central London after days of protests.

The Extinction Rebellion (XR) group said they will "voluntarily end the Marble Arch and Parliament Square blockades" in the capital on Thursday.

The environmental activists have been urging the government to declare a climate emergency to avoid what it calls the "sixth mass extinction" of species on Earth.

In a statement, XR said: "We would like to thank Londoners for opening their hearts and demonstrating their willingness to act on that truth.

"We know we have disrupted your lives. We do not do this lightly. We only do this because this is an emergency.

"Around the planet, a long-awaited and much-needed conversation has begun.

"People have taken to the streets and raised the alarm in more than 80 cities in 33 countries.

"People are talking about the climate and ecological emergency in ways that we never imagined."

The group added: "It is now time to go back into our communities, whether in London, around the UK or internationally."

XR also said to expect more actions "very soon", adding that there will be a "closing ceremony" at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park on Thursday at 5pm.

More than 1,000 people have been arrested during XR protests which started on April 15, while more than 10,000 police officers have been deployed.

As of Tuesday evening, Scotland Yard had charged 69 people in connection with the protests.

They were charged with offences including breach of Section 14 Notice of the Public Order Act 1986, obstructing a highway and obstructing police.

Three others have been charged by British Transport Police and have appeared in court.

Elliott Cuciurean, 20, believed to be the first climate activist successfully prosecuted over the fresh wave of XR protests, was spared a fine at a court hearing on Tuesday.

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