Climate change: Mike Graham calls WWF guest 'condescending'

Climate change: Mike Graham criticises guest for being condescending

Mike Graham and Gareth Redmond-King had a full-on debate about lamb

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mike Graham criticised his guest from the WWF for being "condescending" about food and farming.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has published a report which claims the Welsh lamb dish cawl is the “most polluting” classic British meal. It claimed just one bowl would cause as much pollution as boiling a kettle 258 times due to the methane from sheep. The report was created to highlight how climate change may cause popular British meals to alter.

Mike Graham told Gareth Redmond-King, the head of climate and energy at WWF UK, "it sounds like you want to get rid of a load of sheep."

But he claimed "I don’t want to get rid of a load of sheep," resulting in Mike claiming "if we don’t kill them to eat them, there will be more sheep than there are people."

When Redmond-King pointed out "that’s not really how farming works," Mike hit back by saying "now you’re sounding condescending.

"First of all you’re telling me what I should eat, then you’re telling me that I’m too stupid to understand the impact of what I’m eating, now you're telling me that I don’t understand how farming works. That sounds pretty condescending to me."

Redmond-King said "I’m not telling you any of those things" and "we’re trying just to help people understand the impact of the food that we eat. We’re suggesting that we should eat a little less meat."

Rachel Johnson agreed: "I’m right behind you. I think we should go further, I think we should have meat free Fridays and probably meat free Wednesdays as well."

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