Climate protests stopping people ‘earning daily crust’

David Davies: Climate protests stop people ‘earning daily crust’

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Conservative MP David Davies has said that the climate change protests in London are stopping people from getting into London to get paid for work.

The MP for Monmouth told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham: “There will be a lot of people from poorer communities trying to get into London on bus to try and earn a daily crust.

“They will not be quite so lucky because they will be prevented from earning their living by these people.”

A climate change activist in a hammock occupying Oxford Circus in London. 

Organisers of climate change protests have warned that they will “escalate” their tactics if their demands are not met.

Their demands include the creation of a Citizens Assembly and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025.

Hundreds of protesters have been arrested as protests continue in Parliament Square, Waterloo Bridge, Oxford Circus and Marble Arch.

Mr Davies said that he was not “anti-environmental measures”.

“I accept that and we need to do something about it. I am not anti-environmental measures but I am anti the way people are shutting down London.

“They are stopping people using public transport in order to get their point across.”

He added: “I was one of the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit. The government has not implemented it after three years but I would not advocate going into London and shutting down the city.

“I think that would be a really bad thing to do. We need to get our point across in the ballot box.”

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