Clinton campaign's sexism ambush on Donald Trump was months in the making, according to leaked emails

The Clinton campaign's recent attacks on Donald Trump were months in the making, according to leaked emails

Hillary Clinton (Getty)

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Clinton campaign's recent attacks on Donald Trump for his comments on a beauty queen and her weight were months in the planning, according to emails released by WikiLeaks.

Hillary Clinton made the comments in the first Presidential debate on September 26, citing Miss Universe 1996, Alicia Machado.

Trump asked where she found the comments, and the source has now been revealed as a 157-page-long research file that Clinton's campaign had been using since at least December 19, 2015.

In the report Machado is only identified as "Alisa", and Trump's comments are transcribed in a section named “Trump Has Devalued And Demeaned Women Repeatedly Throughout His Career."

Machado has supported and campaigned with Clinton since June 2016, but the campaign only began to use her in adverts and media appearances once she had been mentioned in the Trump-Clinton debate.

Other comments made by Clinton's campaign against Donald Trump have also been found in the emails. The plans to tackle Trump on his alleged sexism reportedly date back to at least September 2015.

Other headings in the report include “Reliance On Chinese Goods," “Support From White Supremacists," and “Trump University.”