'Clown' found dead covered in torture marks - reports

A picture of the body, released on local media

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The body of a man covered in clown makeup and 'torture marks' has been found in the Mexican city of Monterrey, according to local reports.

The body reportedly had bruises on the face and marks on the neck, with early investigations suggesting the man may have been strangled with a cable.

The victim was discovered shirtless, with the word cochi, or pig, daubed on his chest along with what appeared to be a daubing of a middle finger making an obscene gesture.

The body was discovered at around 10.30pm local time in the district of San Pedro. Local police and paramedics attempted to revive the man when they arrived at the scene, but were unsuccessful.

Neighbours said they had heard no disturbance in the hours leading up to the discovery, leading to speculation that the victim had been killed elsewhere before his body was dumped at the scene.

It is not clear whether the man's death was connected to the recent wave of pranks by people dressed as clowns, which have brought terror to several countries including Mexico.  

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