'Clownpocalypse' hits the UK with spate of creepy clown sightings

'Clownpocalypse' - disturbing craze comes to the UK after creepy clown sightings

It's a dark trend which has now come to the UK

Friday, October 7, 2016

The creepy trend which is sweeping the States has now come to Britain. 

Up and down the country, reports are coming in of people dressing as clowns and approaching people in dark, terrifying encounters. 

Starting as a dark trend in South Carolina, it's swept across America in what many people are calling the 'clownpocalypse', and has even led to one man in New Jersey being shot dead

Now the trend has crossed the Atlantic and is beginning to terrorise suburban Britain.

In Newcastle, a girl with a fear of clowns was reportedly chased home. In Essex, an entire school was placed in lockdown after two of its pupils were allegedly invited to a party by clowns in a black van. In Caernarfon in North Wales, a video has shown a person dressed as a clown loitering near a childrens' playground.

More sightings have been reported, from Manchester all the way to unconfirmed reports in Plymouth. 

There have been several calls for the craze to end before it spreads further, with professional clowns claiming the creepy fad is ruining their livelihood. But, as yet, there is no end in sight.