Clowns lurking in woods spark child abduction fears in Georgia

The clownish behaviour was described as 'not cute or funny' by officers (YouTube)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Police in the US state of Georgia claim they've fielded a number of calls regarding clowns attempting to talk with children.

Officers in the city of LaGrange claim the calls describe clowns driving around in a van and lurking in wooded areas, just as Pennywise does in the iconic horror film It.

A tweet from LaGrange police said this behaviour was "not cute or funny" and said anyone found approaching children in this may face criminal charges.

Reports of the roaming clowns have fuelled fears which were sparked by a sinister Facebook page, in which a person dressed as a clown and drive a white van to abduct children around the LaGrange area.

The page has been taken down, but offficers claim they are working to get warrants to track down those responsible.

LaGrange isn't alone in being terrified by people in clown makeup wandering around local wooded areas.

Similar claims were recently made in Georgia's neighbouring state, South Carolina. Deputies in Greenville County said a number of clowns had been seen in wooded areas, and had even knocked on the doors of homes. They had apparently been attempting to encourage children to join them.

Clown sightings have also been reported in North Carolina, but these claims have either been debunked or attributed to teenage pranks.