CNN accused of 'fake news' over London Bridge video

CNN accused of 'fake news' over London Bridge video

VIdeo of a 'protest' has led to Twitter users to accuse the organisation of faking news

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Twitter users criticised CNN yesterday and accused the news organisation of creating 'fake news' over a video posted online. 

The video in question refers to content produced by CNN International, which shows a number of "Muslim mums" holding signs against extremism.

The presenter explains the scene in the full output: 



However, someone present at the scene by London Bridge filmed them preparing for the live shot, suggesting the demonstration might have been stage-managed rather than spontaneous.



In the clip, it shows the group being ushered in and around a pedestal-like area in front of the camera and being directed in what to do. 

The footage has led users of Twitter to accuse the news network of being 'caught' simulating a protest and creating fake news.

It is important to note the word "protest" is not mentioned by the presenter in the organisation's output above.

It is also unclear whether the group were already present at the scene, and the camera crew merely took advantage for the sake of livening up the segment and getting a better shot.

CNN were contacted and did not reply to our request for comment.