Co-founder of new anti-Brexit party says promise to threaten MPs was a 'slip of the tongue'

Sandra Khadouri's co-founder has described Renew as 'the more militant wing' of the anti-Brexit movement

Sandra Khadouri defended her co-founder's bullish words on Julia's show this morning

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The co-founder of a new anti-Brexit party has said its vow to "threaten" MPs was just a "slip of the tongue."

Sandra Khadouri told Julia Hartley-Brewer that her new party, Renew, is "not combative" and she and her colleagues wish to unite the country, despite the belligerent speech made by fellow founder James Clarke at an official launch event yesterday.

Clarke described Renew as "the more military arm of the [Remain] movement" and vowed to "threaten those MPs that aren't changing their mind or standing up the views of their constituents". But Khadouri insisted that Clarke's words were meant figuratively, and he simply meant that Renew will threaten the status quo.

Khadouri added that the only mandate for Brexit is the result of the referendum on June 23, and the result should not have been decided by a simple majority - although Julia suggested she'd have been perfectly happy with the voting protocol had Remain won.

The interviewee also said the referendum was never meant to be binding, prompting a rather surprised response from Julia.

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