Coca-Cola adverts banned from Lebanon for 'exploiting women's bodies'

Religious committee orders authorities to remove 'offensive' Coca-Cola adverts in Lebanon

Coca-Cola adverts were removed (Stock image)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A religious committee in Lebanon called for local authorities to remove several Coca-Cola billboard adverts in Tripoli because they "exploit women's bodies".

The Association of Muslim Scholars claimed the adverts were scandalous and offensive, according to The New Arab.

The adverts featured a woman wearing a swimsuit alongside a shirtless man, embracing on a beach.

On Saturday (April 22) the association said in a statement that the adverts have now been removed out of "respect for the common morals of people."

Head of the Association of Muslim Scholars Raid Hlaihel said: "It [the advert] was disrespectfully placed outside a mosque. If we could have removed them ourselves we wouldn't have hesitated so we took legal action and asked the municipality to take it down.

"As summer is approaching we ask companies to not exploit women's bodies to sell their products and to respect our values, some of these images I haven't seen in Europe before."

However the Muslim Scholars group has previously been accused of being tied to extremist groups and some have spoken out against their decision to call for the adverts to be removed on social media.