Coca-Cola produces three million tonnes of plastic a year

Coca-Cola has admitted to producing 3m tonnes of plastic a year.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Coca-Cola Company has revealed today that it produces 3m tonnes of plastic a year, the first time the company has published its figures.

The drinks behemoth released figures to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which campaigns for greater transparency and accountability on plastic pollution.

The corporation said it aimed for 100% recyclable packaging before 2025 and is working on utilising more refillable containers.



However anti-plastic campaigner Sian Sutherland said companies such as Coca-Cola needed to do more.

Speaking to talkRADIO’s Penny Smith Ms Sutherland said: “We are waiting to see what Coca-Cola will do. I can’t tell you the rhetoric and green-washing that comes out but a lot of it is never going to happen.”


'We are addicted to plastic'


Ms Sutherland said the figures released by Coca-Cola were an important step in recognizing modern society’s “addiction” to plastics.

“In one year the amount of plastic bottles produced worldwide go halfway to the sun.

“We are all addicted to plastic and the first thing to do is admit it.

“We need to look ourselves in the mirror, start telling the truth, and wean ourselves off this addiction.”