Coin collector convicted for murdering fellow enthusiast over rare 50p

Danny Bostock, left, faces life imprisonment for murdering Gordon McGhee, right.

Friday, March 8, 2019

A coin enthusiast is facing life imprisonment for the “senseless and brutal” murder of a fellow collector over his limited edition Beatrix Potter 50p coins.

Gordon McGhee was stabbed 17 times when he discovered Danny Bostock attempting to steal his collection of rare coins.

He was found guilty of murder and attempted arson at Ipswich Crown Court and will likely face a life sentence.



DCI Stuart Truss said Bostock had shown no remorse for the murder of the “well-liked” Mr McGhee, adding: "His continued lies, including trying to pin the murder on an innocent man and his denial of owning the trainers that we knew were key to this investigation, show that.

"He is an incredibly dangerous man and I hope he is sent to prison for a long time.”

The court heard Bostock knew Mr McGhee through a mutual coin-collecting acquaintance, and had even been offered spare collectibles by Mr McGhee in the weeks before the murder.


Mr McGhee's family described him as a "kind-hearted, gentle soul".

Following an evening of drinking, Bostock snuck into Mr McGhee’s flat to lift his collection of rare Beatrix Potter 50p coins.

The coins, depicting characters from the author’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit, have reached prices of up to £1000 online.

After killing Mr McGhee, Bostock attempted to destroy any evidence by setting a dishcloth on fire and leaving a gas cooker on in the flat.

The majority of the coins stolen have never been recovered.