#ColdWar - Twitter users comment on Iceland vs Iceland

#ColdWar - Twitter users comment on Iceland v Iceland

Iceland supermarket (credit: Twitter @MontagueConsult)

Friday, November 25, 2016

Something that's raised a few eyebrows today is that Iceland the country has decided to sue Iceland the supermarket over the use of their name. 

And the chain have only used the name Iceland for a few decades or so. No biggie.

Apparently, the government on the island is contesting Iceland Foods’ ownership of the European-wide trademark for the word Iceland. They say this is preventing the country’s companies from promoting goods and services abroad.

This is, apparently, a long-running saga, for the Icelandic government has apparently tried to negotiate in the hope of reaching a fair solution several times before. 

Of course, the internet's going wild for Iceland vs Iceland. From running with the pun #ColdWar to asking if the Amazon river will sue Amazon the company, check out all of their reactions below...