Colonel: 'Russians owe Corbyn a few drinks' on Syria suggestions

Sir Tim Collins didn't agree that there is an alternative to bombings

Sir Tim Collins didn't agree that there is an alternative to bombings

Monday, April 16, 2018

Former British Army officer Colonel Tim Collins has told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Jeremy Corbyn's position on Syria is "a nonsense". 

He was asked by Julia: "Is there a sitting round the campfire alternative that would viably lead to fewer people in Syria suffering, fewer children suffering chemical attacks?" 

Colonel Collins answered: "I can imagine why Jeremy Corbyn might say that. I think the Russians might owe him a few drinks for that suggestion, because that’s effectively giving Russia, President Putin a veto on British parliamentary decision making. That’s a nonsense." 

"Yes there are other ways it must be carried out. It must be carried out in tandem. We need to go after the wealth of the Syrians, Iranians and Russians [behind the attacks] who are living freely. We need to make them international pariahs, isolate them in their own countries. We know the individuals behind this." 

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