Comedian fundraises for charity by replying to 'International Men's Day' tweets

Richard Herring

Comedian Richard Herring aims to reply to everyone asking about International Men's Day on Twitter.

Friday, March 8, 2019

A comedian has raised over £70,000 for charity by replying to every person asking “When is International Men’s Day?” on Twitter.

Stand-up comic Richard Herring is hoping to raise £100,000 for domestic abuse charity Refuge with his “polite trolling”.

He has been called a “hero” for taking on the task each year, and is hoping to break last year’s £150,000 record.



Mr Herring said: “On March 8th (International Women's Day) I search Twitter for people asking "When's International Men's Day" and tell them that it's November 19th.

“It's a Herculean task in the face of ignorance and the inability to google.”

Refuge director of communcations Lisa King said: “Yet again Richard Herring has dedicated his entire day, International Women’s Day, to raising awareness of Refuge and the life-saving work we undertake. 

"Through comedy and by gently heckling his twitter community Richard has so far raised over £75,000. 

"It costs the equivalent of £52 to provide a night of accommodation for a woman and her family in our emergency accommodation – that’s the equivalent of 1,481 nights so far. Impressive!

"Huge huge thanks to Richard and his merry bunch of supporters!”

Each year scores of angry Twitter users vent their anger at the apparent lack of an International Men’s Day.

One user tweeted: “Is there an International Men’s Day? Why not? Is the world Sexist?!”

Mr Herring replied: “No luckily it’s not sexist. There’s a men’s day on November 19th. So everything is back to being equal again.”

Several users have deleted their tweets after Mr Herring pointed out the correct date of International Men’s Day.

One muses: "Imagine the utter outrage on Twitter if someone ever suggested that there should be an #InternationalMensDay."

Mr Herring replied: "There would be none. It's November 19th."