Comedian Joe Lycett criticises local MP over anti-LGBT voting record

Comedian Joe Lycett calls out local MP over anti-LGBT voting record

Comedian Joe Lycett has also invited his local MP on a night out in the gay village

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Comedian Joe Lycett has written to his local MP to call him out over his voting history on LGBT issues.

Lycett wrote to Roger Godsiff calling on him to explain what he is “doing to make LGBT people...feel like they aren’t being treated as second class citizens”.

The Labour MP for Birmingham Hall Green said on Tuesday that he had “concerns” over the “appropriateness” of LGBT relationships being taught to young children.

Police attended Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham on Monday after campaigners claimed around 600 pupils had been taken out of lessons over the children being taught about LGBT relationships.

Beginning the letter, Lycett wrote: “Me again! I was the constituent who emailed back in 2013 asking for you to reconsider voting against gay marriage. You dismissed my email and voted against it anyway.

“And now here we are, six years later, and protests are happening outside a school in your constituency against children being taught about LGBT relationships.

“Not sex, just relationships - that relationships aren’t always between a man and a woman.

“You were seemingly silent on the matter before stating today [Tuesday] that you are actually in favour of the protests.”

Mr Godsiff responded to the comedian saying that he was not in favour of the protests and was calling "for discussions" between the parents and the school.  

“I deliberately did not seek to inflame the situation which arose at Anderton Park School but met with the headteacher and also engaged with the leaders of the protests,” the Labour MP added.

“Having spoken with the headteacher and been given letters and documents by the protestors I could better understand how some parents of pupils at the school, which is overwhelmingly Muslim, have become concerned – and then angry."

To show that the LGBT community in Birmingham was “loving, joyous and normal”, Lycett offered to take the MP on a night out in the “gay village”.

Lycett outlined a night out beginning with “pre-drinks” at his house before heading to The Village, the LGBT district in Birmingham.

“We’ll go onto The Village, preferably on a night when my mate Ginny Lemon is performing; she does an astonishing tribute to Cilla Black,” he wrote.

“Then, if you’ve got the stamina we could go to The Nightingale for a dance, or head straight to a late dinner at King Kebab.

“Of course you might not have time for all that, you must be a busy man! So perhaps you could just take a little time to explain, as my MP, what you are doing to make LGBT people like me in your constituency feel like they aren’t being treated as second class citizens.”

Responding to the invitation for a night out, Mr Godsiff said he “would be happy to have a night out with the LGBT community” providing that Lycett paid.

“I have never treated LGBT people with anything other than the same respect I give to everybody else and nobody is treated, by me, as a second class citizen,” he said.

Twitter users have taken to the social media platform to share their support for the comedian, with BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James calling him “the best person on earth”.

Birmingham Councillor Kerry Jenkins also showed her support and said she was happy to “come out in Roger’s place”.

She wrote on Twitter: “Well said Joe. As a councillor for the area I have already expressed my major disappointment and hope many others will follow suit.”

Mr Godsiff has been contacted for comment.

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