Comedian Lee Hurst blasted on Twitter over Donald Trump waterboarding tweet

'Torture doesn't work, the baby is dead either way' - Twitter users hit back at comedian Lee Hurst

Lee Hurst tweeted a question about torture

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Comedian Lee Hurst has received backlash on Twitter, after posing what he described as a "hypothetical scenario" about torture.

His tweet comes after Donald Trump has claimed the torture technique known as waterboarding, widely banned, is in fact effective and justifiable.

Hurst asked this morning whether people would torture the captor of their baby in order to find it.

Many on Twitter have been outraged at the tweet, saying what one person may do in a desperate moment is not the same as condoning torture. 

Others have claimed the baby shouldn't have been taken in the first place, whilst some have pointed out that if you have the wrong person, you still won't find an answer.

It has also been said that the "ticking time bomb" situation never happens anyway, making his point irrelevant.