Congress tells Donald Trump: stop deleting your tweets

Congress tells Donald Trump to stop deleting his tweets

The main legislative branch of the US government appears to be concerned about public records of Trump's tweets

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It turns out Congress has stepped in to inform Donald Trump he can't delete his tweets - or he could be breaking the law. 

The law in question is the Presidential Records Act, which means US presidents have to archive all public communications by law. 

Trump has deleted his tweets before - notably 24 hours after taking office, when he deleted a tweet which had the word "honoured" misspelt. 

So in order to prevent Trump and his team deleting any tweets in future, Congress has written a letter to warn his team of the implications of such action. 

It advised them to follow the example of the Obama administration, where an auto-archiving system was in place to keep a record of the former president's Twitter accounts. 

The system ensured that, if any spelling mistakes were made, the tweet with the error would still be on record.

The President's office has yet to respond to Congress's letter - via either publicly recorded statement or tweet.