Conservative council candidate in Facebook race row

Conservative Council candidate in Facebook race row

Dorinda Bailey stood as a candidate in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Friday, March 1, 2019

A Conservative Party councillor has been suspended tonight after a Facebook group was found to contain messages supporting the setting on fire of black people and referring to Muslims as “ragheads”.

A Conservative Party council candidate also stands accused of supporting the bombing of mosques.

Dorinda Bailey is an admin of the Boris Johnson: Supporter’s Facebook group and stood as a candidate in Newcastle-Under-Lyme in 2018.

Responding to a post on the page by a group member referring to mosques that preach hate: “Bomb the f******* lot” Ms Bailey replied: “I agree. But any chance you could edit your comment please. No swearing on group”.

The Facebook group was discovered by Evolve Politics, which describes itself as a "truly independent news outlet that exposes injustice, inequality and unfairness within UK politics". 

The group is moderated by Martyn York, who currently serves as a Conservative Party councillor for Wellingborough.

Party chairman Brandon Lewis has tweeted that Mr York has been suspended and that Ms Bailey is no longer a member of the party.

The Deputy Mayor of Houghton Regis in Bedfordshire is also an administrator of the group which states its rules are that “no hate speech or bullying” is allowed.

“Degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated,” it continues.

But talkRADIO found offensive posts where Muslims, including Labour MP Naz Shah wearing a headscarf, are referred to as “ragheads” and black people are referred to as “W****” who should be set on fire and “Piss off back to Africa.”

When contacted by talkRADIO, a spokesperson for Newcastle-under-Lyme Conservative Association said Ms Bailey is “a very nice person”.

Ms Bailey and Mr York have been contacted for comment.