Conservative MP turns on Theresa May during Prime Minister's Questions

Peter Bone MP

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Conservative MP, Peter Bone, turned on Theresa May during a meeting in Parliament, suggesting she would lose the support of "many Conservative MPs" with her Brexit deal.

Mr Bone asked whether she was "aware" that she was was "not delivering the Brexit people voted for" with the draft withdrawal agreement.



He said: "Is the Prime Minister aware that if the media reports about the EU agreement are in any way accurate, you are not delivering the Brexit people voted for and today you will lose the support of many Conservative MPs and millions of voters across the country?".

Ms May insisted her deal did "deliver on the vote of the British people".

Mr Bone told talkRADIO in October that although many Tory MPs were "unhappy" with Brexit negotiations, they wouldn't want a change in leader.

The meeting in the Commons was the first opportunity for MPs to question the Prime Minister on her Brexit deal, which was agreed with Brussels yesterday.


Brexit deal 'takes back control'

Theresa May in Brussels. Image: Getty

The Prime Minister said the draft deal "takes back control" of money, law and borders, ensures the UK leaves customs union, the Commons Fisheries Policy and the Common Agricultural Policy and maintains "frictionless trade" across borders.

She also addressed the backstop issue, saying "neither side" wanted that to happen, but was needed as an "insurance policy".

Ms May also accused the Labour party of trying to "frustrate Brexit" during the meeting.



Her comments followed accusations from Jeremy Corbyn that she had "bungled negotiations" with the European Union.

Ms May said: "Time and time again he [Jeremy Corbyn] has stood up in this house and complained, and said the government isn't making progress.

"Now, when we're making progress and close to a deal he's complaining about that. I think what that clearly shows is that he and the Labour party have only one intention, and that is to frustrate Brexit and betray the vote of the British people."