Conservatives win election with biggest majority since 1987

Boris Johnson retained his own seat

Friday, December 13, 2019

The Conservatives have won the general election, securing their biggest majority since 1987.

The party have secured over 326 seats so far, meaning they have a majority in the House of Commons.

In his victory speech after retaining his own seat, Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Boris Johnson claimed the party had a "powerful new mandate to get Brexit done".

Mr Johnson later told jubilant aides in Conservative HQ: "We must understand now what an earthquake we have created.

"The way in which we have changed the political map of this country.

"We have to grapple with the consequences of that, we have to change our own party, we have to rise to the level of events, we must, we just answer the challenge that the British people have given us."

Jo swinson lost her seat and quit as Liberal Democrat leader

US President Donald Trump tweeted his congratulations to Mr Johnson on his party's victory, adding that the UK and US will “now be free to strike a massive new trade deal after Brexit".

The Tory landslide prompted Jeremy Corbyn to announce he will not lead Labour into another election after his party suffered its worst defeat since 1935.

The party lost seats across the North, Midlands and Wales in Brexit-backing areas.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson lost her seat to the SNP and quit as the party's leader.

Sir Ed Davey and Baroness Sal Brinton will become joint acting leaders ahead of a leadership contest next year.

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