Controversial author Douglas Murray praised by London rabbi

'We are losing our values and terrorists think the West is a vacuous nothing', says rabbi

Rabbi Stuart Altshuler says we’re seeing a change in the map of Europe

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A leading London rabbi has praised author Douglas Murray for his views on multi-culturalism and said we mustn't forget who we are.

Murray has attracted fierce criticism for his extreme views on issues such as Islamism and migration, with many believing his comments are beyond the pale.

But rabbi Stuart Altshuler told Jonny Gould that Murray is right: we are losing our values and terrorists now see us as just a "vacuous nothing."

Altshuler, who is originally from the US but has been rabbi of London's Belsize Square synagogue for the past six years, told Jonny: "At some point a generation that has nothing, no community, will substitute religion for something else, like extreme nationalism or extremism that we’re dealing with today as a society.

"I think it'd be a terrible, terrible shame if we see [British culture] evaporate, for this internationalism, this vapid identity that is breaking us all up.

"People feel they’re losing a sense of values and structure and framework. It’s the biggest challenge for our western civilisations."

He questions whether the space may end up being "filled from people coming in from the outside who know exactly who they are but from a culture very, very different than this one. We’re seeing a change in the map of Europe."

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