Copenhagen shooting spree continues despite arrest of suspected gang leader

Man shot in Copenhagen despite arrest of suspected gang leader

Police have arrested a suspected gang leader (Stock image)

Monday, August 14, 2017

A crime wave is ripping through Copenhagen and another shooting has taken place despite police arresting a suspected gang leader.

The Politiken newspaper reported that on Saturday (August 12) a man thought to be the leader of crime group Loyal to Familia was arrested for threatening the police.

Shuaib Khan has now been remanded in custody for 17 days. He has denied charges against him and has not confirmed involvement in the group.

Yesterday (August 13) a 39-year-old man was shot in the district of Norrebro, allegedly by two men firing from a scooter.

Danish news agency Ritzau reports that police were called to the incident at around 11pm local time (10pm BST) and the man was taken to hospital. He is said to be in a stable condition.

A burnt-out scooter near the scene of the crime was found by police later, according to The Local.

Police claim there is no reason to believe the victim is connected to the regular crimes taking place in the area, however he has also not been named as an innocent bystander.

The Loyal to Familia group is said to have been part of several shootings that have taken place this summer in Denmark.

It is thought that the group IS currently clashing with another gang and this is what has caused the spike in shootings.