Corbyn ally Barry Gardiner insists his speech isn't an excuse for terrorism

'Jeremy Corbyn's speech isn't an excuse for terrorists, it's about the values in our democracy', says Labour's Barry Gardiner

Barry Gardiner argued with Julia Hartley-Brewer (Stock image)

Friday, May 26, 2017

Labour's international trade spokesperson Barry Gardiner has insisted Jeremy Corbyn's speech is about values in the UK's democracy, and is not an excuse for terrorists.

Gardiner, a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn, also claimed that the Labour leader supports the military - even though he has never voted in favour of military action in Parliament.

Corbyn has made a speech this morning suggesting that the UK's hawkish foreign policy in recent years is linked to the growing terror threat. Some have argued this merely provides an excuse for those who wish to commit atrocities on British soil. 

Gardiner believes we have to listen to what these dreadful people are saying, as they claim to be attacking our country because of events that have happened elsewhere and we have to at least understand their mentality before acting.

He also cited Britain's 2011 intervention in Libya, which helped topple dictator Muammar Gaddafi, as a key example of how we have got our foreign policy wrong - although Julia countered by saying this is nonsense, as Manchester bomber Salman Abedi's family came to Britain long before Gaddafi was toppled and were actually seeking sanctuary from him.

Julia then asked whether there would be any military action that Corbyn would support. Gardiner said he would if there was a clear exit strategy in place, before saying this line of questioning was a personality attack on the Labour leader.

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