Corbyn ally criticises US for imposing Venezuela sanctions

Corbyn ally criticises US for imposing Venezuela sanctions

The country has been in ongoing crisis because of action against President Nicolas Maduro

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A key ally of Jeremy Corbyn on the Labour frontbench has criticised the United States for imposing sanctions on Venezuela.

The US government has imposed a series of measures on the country in the wake of a highly-criticised election in the country.

Its president, Nicolas Maduro, has been condemned for apparently imprisoning opposition members and for attempting to assume near-unlimited power.

Chris Williamson, a shadow Home Office minister, said it “can’t be right” for America to be imposing sanctions when the country was in “massive crisis.”

He also blasted the US for its “shady record” of interfering, including the alleged funding of Venezuelan opposition groups.

Meanwhile, the Government has said it would consider backing global efforts to place sanctions on Venezuela.

Labour MPs have called on Jeremy Corbyn to personally criticise the Venezuelan regime, given he has previously backed it under Maduro and his predecessor, Hugo Chavez.