Corbyn ally Owen Jones ridicules reports of 'aggressive Momentum purge' in Haringey

Corbyn ally Owen Jones ridiculed the latest claims about Haringey

Owen Jones made the comments on the BBC

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

One of Jeremy Corbyn's most high-profile supporters has ridiculed suggestions of an "aggressive purge" of moderate councillors in the North London borough of Haringey.

Owen Jones spoke to the BBC after reports that members of Momentum, a hard-left pressure group up in the wake of Corbyn's election to the Labour leadership in 2015, had pushed to remove centrist councillors ahead of next year's local elections.

One Haringey councillor, Tim Gallagher, who has recently resigned, told The Times he and his colleagues had been written off as "zombie Blairites". The same paper claims distraught Haringey councillors called on the regional Labour party to take over the selection process and remove Momentum.

But Jones described the reports as "utterly ludicrous", adding that people should not downplay Momentum's "historic role" in Corbyn's highly creditable performance in the last election.

Jones, an author and Guardian columnist, said the real issue was that the Haringey Labour Council is proposing a mass sell-off of housing and public land.

"Some of those councillors who support those proposals, when they come up for selection which is the normal democratic procedure, there has been a handful of them where members themselves, democratically have decided that they would like to replace them with somebody else.

"They might be disappointed about losing elections - people always are. But that is democracy."