Corbyn could welcome back Article 50 Labour rebels within months

Labour MPs who quit over the Article 50 vote could be welcomed back to the party within months

Jeremy Corbyn issued a three-line whip

Monday, January 30, 2017

MPs who leave Labour's shadow cabinet over the Article 50 vote could be welcomed back within months, it is claimed. 

Jeremy Corbyn has previously stated that it will be "impossible" for front-benchers to remain in the shadow cabinet if they vote against Article 50, after issuing a three-line whip.

However, more than 100 Labour MPs are expected to vote against Brexit on Wednesday, and seven shadow cabinet ministers are also expected to leave this week. Two have already resigned over the matter.

But Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson has claimed that the MPs will be able to return to the shadow cabinet after a few months.

A source pointed out that there has been "lots of resignations in the last year and lots have returned," The Telegraph reported. 

On Sunday Corbyn told ITV's Peston: "There was no need for anyone to resign at this stage."

Labour have also tabled a series of amendments to the Article 50 bill, but when Corbyn was asked what he expected MPs to do if the amendments fail, he said: “What I have said is, we would vote to implement article 50, we wouldn’t block it. I’ve made that very clear.”

A debate over Article 50 is set to begin today, with further debate scheduled for next week before legislation goes to the House of Lords.