Corbyn jokes Prime Minister is his 'warm-up act' at CBI event

Monday, November 18, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn joked that the Prime Minister was his "warm-up act" as he took to the stage at the annual CBI conference in London.

The Labour leader delivered a speech after Boris Johnson, who had pledged to postpone further corporation tax cuts in a bid to divert £6 billion to the "priorities of the British people".

Addressing delegates, Mr Corbyn said: "I have to say how helpful and useful it is to have regular meetings with your officials in the CBI as well as other business organisations, which I certainly learn a great deal from.

"And I also hope you enjoyed the warm-up act who has just left the stage.

"It is absolutely right that party leaders come and set out our plans to you directly, because this is an election that will shape our country for a generation."

Mr Corbyn used the platform to address allegations that he was "anti-business", because of previous comments he made regarding billionaires.

The party leader has previously pledged to target members of "the elite" who exploited a "rigged system" - including a number of key business figures - if he became Prime Minister.

And one of his prominent supporters, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, said he did not think "anyone in this country should be a billionaire".

But Mr Corbyn told the Confederation of British Industry conference it was "nonsense" that he was against British businesses flourishing.

"It is not anti-business to be against poverty pay, it is not anti-business to say that the largest corporations should pay their taxes just as smaller companies do, and it's not anti-business to want prosperity in every part of our country, not only in the financial centres in the city of London," he said.

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