Corbyn refuses to say whether he would back leave or remain

Jeremy Corbyn would negotiate his own Brexit deal

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour would offer a “sensible” leave option in a second Brexit referendum, but he would personally remain neutral during the campaign.

The Labour leader said his party would negotiate a new Brexit deal with the European Union if it won government, and would then take that agreement to the people, along with an option to remain.

He said a Labour deal would include a new customs union, a “close single market relationship” and protections for workers and the environment.

Mr Corbyn is expected to come under pressure during the upcoming Labour conference to take a stronger Brexit stance in order to differentiate the party from the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal Democrats announced at their conference they supported revoking Article 50 instead a second vote if they won a majority.

Mr Corbyn said the shift in Lib Dem policy made Labour the only party “ready to put our trust in the people of Britain”.

In response Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson said: “The biggest issue facing the country in decades and Jeremy Corbyn wants to sit on the sidelines. He is betraying remain voters.”

Several senior Labour figures including Emily Thornberry and John McDonnell said they would campaign to remain in a new referendum.

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson has gone further and would support a second referendum before any election was held.

Conservative Party Chairman James Cleverly said Labour wanted to “ignore the largest democratic vote in our country's history” by supporting a second poll.

“They had the chance to let the public decide how to resolve Brexit via a general election - but Jeremy Corbyn doesn't trust the people,” he said.

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