Corbyn should 'throw down the gauntlet' and try to force an election, says Sir Vince Cable

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sir Vince Cable has called for Jeremy Corbyn to "thrown down the gauntlet" and force a general election 

Appearing on the breakfast show, the Liberal Democrat leader said Mr Corbyn should file a motion of no-confidence and "see where he stands"

"All the focus is on Theresa May at the moment but Corbyn's getting off with very little scrutiny," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.



"Jeremy Corbyn has been breathing fury saying we must have an election. Why doesn't he throw down the gauntlet and say the version of no-confidence and see where he stands?.

"That would capture the mood I think and if the government is in a weak position then it's an opportunity to show whether they can keep on governing."


'Got off lightly'

The politician added that there was "no prospect" of negotiating a "better" Brexit deal with the EU, and that "quite a lot" of European countries believed the UK had "got off lightly".

"There's no prospect of getting a better deal, we either vote it down or not," Sir Vince said.

He added that if Theresa May were to put the draft agreement to a People's Vote, she might be "surprised" at the "number of people that would support it".