Corbyn supporter Aaron Bastani: 'Brexit gives us perfect chance to rebuild and renationalise Britain'

'Labour's election chances will depend on young turnout', says Novara Media founder and Jeremy Corbyn supporter Aaron Bastani

Aaron Bastani spoke to Paul about the Party leaked manifesto and election chances

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A prominent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn has told talkRADIO that Brexit provides the perfect chance for Britain to be rebuilt alonger fairer lines.

Aaron Bastani, appearing on Paul Ross's show after Labour's manifesto was leaked to the press, also said that young people hold the key to Labour's chances in the forthcoming general election.

The left-wing commentator, founder of the commentary website Novara Media, expressed his support for the key policies outlined in Labour's manifesto.

Turning to Brexit, Bastani said that he is personally opposed to Britain's departure from the European Union, and suggested a Parliamentary vote on the final deal negotiated with Brussels is vital to ensure British people aren't sold short.

However he told Paul: "This does present something of an opportunity... we wouldn't be able to nationalise the post office, for instance, if we were in the EU. We wouldn't be able to reduce VAT."

Bastani also cited a recent poll by YouGov which placed Labour ahead of the Tories amongst young people by one point for men and 15 for women, suggesting young people must turn out to vote for Corbyn next month. 

Listen above.