Corbyn supporter Aaron Bastani says university should be completely free for everyone

'No one should pay for university as everyone benefits from a highly educated workforce', says Novara Media

Protests previously took place over the rise of tuition fees

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A leading supporter of Jeremy Corbyn has told talkRADIO that university should be completely free for everyone - as we all benefit from a highly educated workforce.

Aaron Bastani, founder of commentary website Novara Media, was debating conservative academic James Dobson, who has written an article in The Times in support of tuition fees.

Dobson defended his stance on Sam Delaney's show, saying that university admissions are now at record levels, so the system works.

But Bastani told Sam that the argument for tuition fees "makes no sense, it’s not progressive, it’s not sensible, it doesn’t help innovation, it’s a nonsense policy.

"The number of disadvantaged people going to university is increasing at a much slower rate than those from a more affluent background.

"I don’t think anybody should have to pay for education because we all gain from a highly educated workforce."

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