Corbynista Owen Jones hailed as a hero in Catalonia after backing hard-left party

Owen Jones has been one of Jeremy Corbyn's most vocal supporters

Owen Jones has been one of Jeremy Corbyn's most vocal supporters

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Left-wing activist Owen Jones has been hailed as a hero by left-wing Catalan separatists after throwing his weight behind a new radical alliance.

Jones has publicly backed a party called Catalunya en Comu Podem, a fusion of two existing parties, Catalunya en Comu (Catalonia in Common) and Podem (We Can), the regional branch of hard-left national party Podemos.

Jones has even sent a message - in Catalan - publicising an event this Friday (December 15), which will be held in the town of Badalona, six days before the Catalan people go to the polls for the region's crucial presidential elections.

The event will be attended by Xavier Domenechs, the Catalunya en Comu Podem candidate in the forthcoming elections, and Jean-Luc Melenchon, who stood as a far-left candidate in the French Presidential elections earlier this year.

Jones wrote: "Really keen to attent the event [with Domenechs and Melenchon]. Friday at 7, see you in Badalona!"

In response, Catalunya en Comu Podem has directed its own follow-up message at Jones, saying "the politics of hope is the opposite of the politics of fear. You have to beat fascism and racism, and establish a new social order.

"The elites are the ones who have to be scared. Comuns [Party supporters]: hold on, fight and we will build a new social order."

Jones is one of Corbyn's most high-profile backers and regularly speaks out on social justice and human rights. An openly gay man, he was particularly outspoken on last year's massacre at an Orlando LGBT nightclub, even clashing with talkRADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer.

He has also led rallies in support of Palestine - even though homosexuality is officially illegal in the Gaza Strip.