Corbynista Paul Mason says he doesn't want to purge moderate MPs despite Momentum NEC takeover

Jeremy Corbyn (left) consolidated his grip on the party with yesterday's NEC elections

Jeremy Corbyn (left) consolidated his grip on the party with yesterday's NEC elections

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A top Corbynista has said he doesn't advocate the purging of moderate MPs - despite calling for mandatory reselections just yesterday.

Paul Mason was speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer after three Corbyn loyalists - Jon Lansman, Rachel Garnham and Yasmine Dar - were elected to Labour's NEC yesterday. The result gives Corbyn and Momentum, the group set up in the wake of his ascension to the leadership, an iron grip on the ruling body.

After the election results were announced, Mason, a prominent commentator on politics and the economy, tweeted: "Now let's have mandatory selections of all MP candidates in every Parliament."

However he told Julia this morning that he " "wouldn't advocate Momentum trying to replace all Labour MPs with Momentum MPs."

He also said he had no problem with moderate MPs such as Stella Creasey and Stephen Kinnock continuing in their jobs, despite their opposition to Corbyn in the past.

Mason said he simply wanted MPs to get behind Corbyn, and ensure candidates are not campaigning for election with the message "I'm good, but the leader's useless."

He added that MPs must know that "if it goes badly wrong, they could be sacked" - prompting Julia to ask how anyone can be sacked from Labour when both Jared O'Mara and Ken Livingstone have survived, despite a string of highly offensive comments.

Julia even broke out into song, singing the 'oh Jeremy Corbyn' chant - albeit with a slight of irony.

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