Coronation Street's Nicola Thorp: Big Brother shouldn't give 'abusive' men a platform

Coronation Street's Nicola Thorp: Big Brother shouldn't give 'abusive' men a platform

Nicola Thorp on Badass Women's Hour

Monday, September 3, 2018

Former Coronation Street actress Nicola Thorp has slammed Celebrity Big Brother for giving Hardeep Singh Kohli and Dan Osborne “a platform” when the pair have both been accused of harassing women.

In 2009, Kohli was suspended from The One Show after alleged inappropriate behaviour towards a female member of staff.

Osborne, who was formerly on The Only Way Is Essex, allegedly threatened to stab his ex-girlfriend in 2015. A tape was leaked to the Sun in which a male can be heard making threats, including: “Shut your f****** mouth you f****** c***. If you go near another man I promise you I will stab you in the f****** throat.”

Both have publicly apologised.

“I’ve watched it since the beginning. I’m not [anti reality TV] I love it. When it first started, it was this great social experiment, and now, what it represents is terrifying,” said Thorp, 29, during an appearance on talkRADIO’s Badass Women’s Hour.


'They shouldn't be paid'

Hardeep Singh Kohli (left) and Dan Osborne. Image: Getty

“I saw on Twitter that Hardeep Singh Kohli had gone in, Dan Osborne had gone in.

“It’s not just that they were then given a platform to redeem themselves, or let the public get to know them, they were being paid."

Osborne is reportedly being paid £60,000 for appearing, but Kohli’s fee has not been made public.

“I’ve heard stories and had my own personal interactions with certain men in this position, and to think they’ve been given this platform to redeem themselves, without actually addressing what it was that they’d done, it’s disgusting,” continued Thorp.

“They’re being paid tens of thousands of pounds… I’m not saying people don’t deserve a second chance, but they shouldn’t be paid for it.”


'Punching' incident

Watch: The moment Ryan Thomas 'punches' Roxanne Pallett

The topic later turned to the ‘punching’ incident, in which Emmerdale alumnus Roxanne Pallett - who quit the CBB house on September 1 - accused former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas of “punching” her.

Her accusation received over 11,000 Ofcom complaints, as footage of the incident appeared to show him play-fighting, with his fists hardly making contact with her body.

She claimed to have been hurt after the incident and said she felt uncomfortable with him in the house.

On Monday (September 3) she apologised for her “overreaction” during an interview on Jeremy Vine.

Host Harriet Minter wondered if Pallett had seen “an opportunity for more press” or whether she genuinely believed the incident to be serious.

“I think that what we saw happen, was that nothing happened,” said Thorp.

“What I saw when I watched the clip was them having a playfight, nothing really threatening happened, but she seemed very upset.

“What then became clear to me, from reading other stuff online is that she’s mentally not very well, and shouldn’t be in that house.

“What she did in my opinion, weakens the value of women who do speak out against abuse. What I found strange was Big Brother reprimanded him for not doing anything, but they let two men in the house who’ve done the same to other women.”


No support from former co-stars

Pallett’s former Emmerdale co-stars tweeted their support for Thomas.

Danny Miller, who plays Aaron Dingle, called her a “compulsive liar”, and Debbie Dingle actress Charley Webb said she’d made “other accusations”.

Kelvin Fletcher, who played her on-screen husband Andy Sugden, said she is “not mentally ill”.

Channel 5 and a rep for Roxanne Pallett declined to comment.