Coroner says scenes inside Grenfell Tower are apocalyptic

Coroner says scenes inside Grenfell Tower are apocalyptic

Scenes outside the meeting were emotional

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A coroner has said that the scenes inside the remains of Grenfell Tower are "apocalyptic."

The coroner made the comment in a meeting last night (July 4) at the Olympia conference centre in West Kensington.

Survivors at the session were asking for information about those who are missing. However, the victims were told that the "recovery phase" might continue until the end of this year, according to the BBC.

The public also questioned the police over why no arrests had yet been made in relation to the fire.

The meeting came after officials claimed all of those who survived the disaster and wanted to be rehomed have been offered temporary accommodation.

The Grenfell Response Team say 139 formal offers of housing have been given, but only 14 have been accepted, leaving many in hotels.

A North Kensington Law Centre spokesman claimed many offers given were unsuitable.

Lotifa Begum, co-ordinator for the charity Muslim Aid, told the Press Association that some who attended the meeting were angry and upset and others had to leave due to being overwhelmed.

She also said that many people "would have appreciated a lot more time and notice" about the meeting.

Reports also claim survivors were told they were not allowed to ask any direct questions of coroner Fiona Wilcox or the Met Police Commander Stuart Cundy, but any questions they had should have been emailed by 11am on Monday (July 3).