Cosplayers celebrate the arrival of Stranger Things 2

Liam Gallagher fans it's time to get excited. The musician has said he's searching for extras to appear in his next music video. It will be filmed in Glasgow and he has asked for local fans to enter his competition on his website to bag a part, according to NME. Filming is to take place on November 6, but it's not yet clear what the video will actually involve. The competition winners will be picked at random and they will have to travel to the filming location themselves.  Gallagher has also released ticke

Many have dressed as Millie Bobby Brown's character Eleven

Friday, October 27, 2017

In celebration of the release of Stranger Things 2 some have dressed up as their favourite characters and it seems many have done a remarkable job.

It seems most have opted to dress as Eleven but there are also plenty of Dustin copycats too.

But no matter which character is your favourite in the show, it's clear there is widespread excitement for the second series.

Take a look at the cosplayers below