Could Donald Trump end Julian Assange criminal probe?

Lawyers potentially to appeal to Donald Trump to end criminal probe into Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The legal team of Julian Assange could potentially appeal to US President-elect Donald Trump to end a criminal investigation into him.

Assange was interviewed inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London this week by prosecutors from Sweden in relation to the sex allegations against him, which he denies.

Assange's lawyer Jennifer Robinson said the WikiLeaks founder had co-operated fully with the interview and hopes the Swedish prosecutor will give "impartial and objective" consideration so the matter can be closed.

She said: "It is important to remember that he has never been charged and has already been cleared once by the previous prosecutor. We hope and expect that the prosecutor will come to the same conclusion.

"During that time we have repeatedly called for the investigation to be closed on the grounds it violates the First Amendment and places a chill on freedom of speech and reporting.

"Through US counsel, we had reached out to the Obama administration and we will continue to do so with future US administrations until the investigation is closed."

The Swedish Prosecution Authority has said it will "take a view" on the continuation of its investigation.