Council spends £6,000 on ‘prison’ fence to stop football games

Monday, July 8, 2019

A council on the outskirts of Glasgow that spent thousands of pounds installing fences to discourage children playing ball games on a patch of grass has been accused of “total overkill”.

West Dunbartonshire Council spent £6,000 turning a rectangular grassed area into four small fenced-off triangles.

Eight-year-old Charlie Quinn said “I don’t like it at all”.

“A lot of the time, me and my friends would always play football here but now we can't play as far up because of the fence."

Resident Tracey McCormick said it was a "ridiculous waste of money".

“The grass areas in this scheme are the only safe place for young kids to play,” she said.

“The people who complain should remember when they first moved in with their families.”

She added: “I'm sure they had many happy memories of playing there. It is now a total eyesore.”

A resident who wished to remain anonymous said the council took action after it received complaints from two neighbours about children playing football on the lawn.

“I can now see five different rows of fences from my window. It’s all a bit much to stop kids playing football,” they said.

A petition has been delivered to the council calling for the fences to be removed.

A spokesman for West Dunbartonshire Council said: “The low level fences were introduced in consultation with residents following a number of complaints about damage to property caused by ball games on the grassed area”

“The design was chosen to discourage use of the location as a play area, and encourage the use of existing full-size pitches nearby.”

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