Couple in Brazil kidnap and murder pregnant woman and cut her baby out

Couple in Brazil kidnap and murder pregnant woman and cut her baby out

The couple allegedly cut the woman's baby out

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A couple who could not have children pretended they were going to have a baby before reportedly kidnapping a pregnant woman and cutting her baby out.

Thaina da Silva Pinto and Fabio Luiz Lima attracted Rayanni Christini Costa to their home for free baby clothes, according to the Daily Mail.

Brazillian police said they had planned to remove Costa's baby from the womb and then kill the mother, however during the horrific incident the baby died when they cut through her stomach.

Two charred bodies, believed to be those of Costa and her baby, were found in the garden of Pinto and Lima's home in Rio de Janeiro.

Pinto had previously convinced family and friends that she was pregnant after posting photos on social media, despite being told by doctors she couldn't have children due to cysts on her ovaries.

She had contacted several poor mothers through WhatsApp groups for people wanting to donate items for babies before meeting Costa, reports claim.

Other pregnant women had previously agreed to meet her, however she cancelled the meetings when she found out they would not be alone.

Both Pinto and Lima have been arrested for double homicide and concealment of corpses.