Couple finally tie the knot after British Airways IT outage ruins wedding

Couple finally tie the knot after British Airways global IT problem wipes out guestlist

A global IT failure at British Airways meant several key members of a couple's guestlist would be absent

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A couple who were forced to delay their wedding due to the IT problems suffered by British Airways are finally husband and wife. 

Laura and Sam Sciortino had flown out to the island of Santorini for their picturesque wedding, the culmination of two years of planning, ahead of several of their family members. 

However, the global IT failure suffered by British Airways over the weekend ensured Laura's brother, his family, her aunt and uncle, and three bridesmaids were unable to join them on the original planned date of Sunday. 

The couple were forced to delay the wedding by a day, but even then, the missing members of the guestlist only just made it in time for the ceremony on Monday. 

The Sciortinos are now on their honeymoon, but lamented how the chaos at BA had caused a great deal of confusion and stress.