Couple told they 'deserved to lose their unborn baby' by cleaning company after cancelling appointment

Couple told they 'deserved to lose their unborn baby' by cleaning company, after cancelling an appointment

Charlotte Coutts was 12 weeks pregnant when she lost the baby (Stock image)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A couple who lost their unborn baby were reportedly told that they "deserved" the tragedy by a carpet cleaning company. 

The pair had booked a session with the firm, however then called it off just minutes later as Charlotte Coutts was rushed to hospital, the Daily Mail said.

Two weeks later Dean and Charlotte Coutts were sent an invoice of £85 for the job, however refused to pay.

The couple say they then received a barrage of abuse from Clean Carpets Plymouth, in Devon.

Dean Coutts said he was told by a member of the company on the phone: "You deserved to lose your baby."

He also claimed he was told that "the best thing has happened" and the couple weren't "worthy of being parents."

They also received messages from the company which he described as "disgusting and aggressive."

In the messages the cleaning company demanded more money from the couple, even as they begged for the harassment to stop.

Devon and Cornwall Police are currently investigating the issue.