Court lifts ban on Indian TV shows in Pakistan

Court lifts ban on Indian TV shows in Pakistan

Some have previously protested against government media control

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A court in Pakistan has lifted a ban on TV channels broadcasting Indian shows.

The ban was previously put in place by state-run media regulators last October due to a rise in tension between Islamabad and New Delhi, according to Al Arabiya English.

Lawyer Asma Jehangir was the person who challenged the ban at Lahore High Court.

She told AFP that chief justice​ Mansoor Ali Shah said the ban constituted "unreasonable restrictions."

A regulatory authority official has also confirmed that the court has “set aside the ban," meaning channels are now entitled to broadcast Indian TV shows.

Last year Pakistan also banned screenings of Indian films until tensions between the countries relaxed.

Many Hindu nationalists in India also want their own ban in place; some even threatened to become violent when cinemas screened films with Pakistani actors.