Craig Phillips tells Matthew Wright that Big Brother 'has worn thin'

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

Friday, September 14, 2018

The first winner of Big Brother has said the show “has to end” but believes that it will continue after Channel 5 announced it was axing the show.

Craig Phillips, who won the first ever series in 2000, concluded that the show had “worn thin” and questioned where they could take the show in the future.

Talking to Matthew Wright on talkRADIO, Phillips admitted he had a “sad reaction” to the news, but insisted it was “needed”.

“I do believe it has to end,” he said.

“It’s had a good innings and I think after the first five years it started to decline.

“From listening to the public and what they say to me when they stop me in the street, it’s had its day, it’s worn thin - I don’t think it can come back any stronger nowadays.”

Channel 4 first aired the show in 2000, which saw ten members of the public enter a house cut-off from the outside world. The finale of the first series saw over 9 million people tune in to see Craig win.

“Big brother was a success and it did change the way we watched TV,” he added.

“It was probably one of the first ones to combine the internet, and allowing the public a little bit of control of what happened on TV.

“So, I think that it was good that the viewers had the power to evict people from the house - that was a good turning point. The show itself: nothing had been seen like this before on TV, you had ten innocence people going in there not knowing what to expect and the public didn’t know what to expect.”


Most recent Big Brother winners not 'respected'

The builder went onto say that the more recent winners and contestants of Big Brother aren’t as “respected” as contestants from the first few series of the show.

“When myself and the first three or four years of Big Brother contestants would go and do personal appearances and certain things on TV, we were quite well respected and people adored us and what we done, nowadays they’re not respected.”

The 46-year-old did admit that the show won’t end completely, but questioned where would take the show now.

“I do believe it’s not going to end completely, where ever it’s an ITV or a Sky broadcaster, but where do they go now with this format?

“They’ve tried every type way of polishing it up; we started up with the first house with the very basics.”