Criminal allowed to stay in UK because of link to gang

Turkish national Tolga Binbuga

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A Turkish criminal was initially allowed to stay in the UK because a judge said his association with a gang showed that he had integrated into British life.

Tolga Binbuga had been linked with north London's Get Money Gang, and was convicted of offences including robbery, assault and burglary.

The Home Office first tried to deport him in 2014, but there have since been a number of appeals, with one judge ruling in 2016 that he should be allowed to remain here because he was a "home-grown criminal".

Judge Evan Ruth said in Binbuga'sĀ First Tier Tribunal ruling: "It is a sad and unpleasant fact of life that in various parts of London 'gang culture' is an accepted and widespread part of life for many young people.

"In my view, although it is a sad and unpleasant conclusion, the likely association of the appellant with this north London gang is a good example of his integration into one of the less savoury aspects of UK life."

However, the 29-year-old, who came to the UK with his family when he was nine, had his appeal against the decision to deportĀ him dismissed last week at the Court of Appeal.

The Home Office has not said whether Binbuga has been deported yet.

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