'Crisis unfolding' for cash-starved schools

Headteachers gathered in London last year to demand great schools funding.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Schools are facing a ‘crisis’ over funding, according to the director of school network Schools North East.

Although the Department of Education claims school funding is at its highest ever level, campaigners have insisted that schools are facing real term budget cuts of up to 8 per cent.

Earlier this month thousands of headteachers wrote a joint-letter sent to 3.5 million families across the UK warning of budget shortages.

Schools North East director Mike Parker told talkRADIO’s Penny Smith: “Behind all the Brexit headlines, we’ve got a crisis unfolding in schools and unless the government recognises that and properly addresses it, it is going to be a problem for years to come.”

Mr Parker said headteachers were being forced to take “tough decisions” including cutting back on extracurricular activities and even asking parents to donate funds for classroom essentials.

In extreme cases, teachers have reportedly been forced to clean toilets themselves as schools lack the funds to pay for cleaners. 

Schools North East have launched a national campaign this week to draw greater attention to the issue. 

Mr Parker added: “Education is at the core of everything and what we argue is if you fund education properly and education supports children to learn and develop it has a knock-off impact across society.”


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